A Silent Roar. Navigating anxiety as the loudest and quietest part of me.

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A self-discovery blog through the muddy waters of anxiety and grief.

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twelve: tether

My anxiety is ravenous, It feeds on sorrow, Rage, Helplessness, It had a feast when I heard of my dad’s diagnosis, Plump with its prize. Wild at the thought of a threat. My anxiety hates distraction. Time on my hands is like spitting fuel at flames, I knew I needed to be doing something, Something […]

eleven: adrift

When I found out that you were dying, The misery threatened to sink me. I was a ship at sea, Untethered, Compass spinning recklessly. My world tilted and shook. The waves rose higher. There was no north anymore. I turned slowly, Trying to navigate, But the horizon was burning.

ten: final symphony

It’s been almost three weeks. It seems like you have not  been here for a lifetime. But also that I spoke to you just yesterday. I still hear so clearly the way you answer your phone, I still remember the sound of your voice with such clarity. How long will it be until I forget? […]

nine: the wave.

I tried to share a memory today. I realised, once posted, that you weren’t there when I took the photo. It was at your farewell. You were gone. The flood was so fierce. Hurt, heartbreak, realization. This ride of grief is so savage and raw. I want to get off. I want to go back. […]


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